In an isolated but well populated island, there reigned a well-loved king and queen. They were what some might call a perfect couple.

They were far from it of course, but their sovereign would heed no warning and continued to put them in that pedestal, of them being perfect.

Peace ruled over this land, once in a while a threat would loom in the horizon, but the people so loved their king and queen so much, everyone rallied in front them, even when the threats were unfounded.

They were that passionate about defending their perfect rulers.

Then came the unholy news that sent shock waves across the land – the very same ideal that everyone believed in were shattered.

They were not so perfect after all.

The kingdom and  everyone in it was left in tears for their perfect king had hurt their beloved queen.

Some rallied to the streets, ones who fought to defend their king now demanded he step down;  some stayed in their homes silently crying for the pain of reality, of an illusion being pulled from under their very land; some wanted the king to explain before them the reason for a very private affair.

The queen claimed silence as her weapon amidst the fury of the hatred and confusion being thrown at her king.

For two long days and two sleepless nights, they kingdom lay awake waiting for a crack from the silence, more from him than her, for she is the aggrieved party; he the vilified one, he who hurt their beloved queen.

As the dawn of the third day was able to break, the queen finally took her stand, and she chose to stand by him. Sympathy and words of comfort were said for the queen since she forgave what seemed to be an unforgivable act.

She was betrayed, or so her sovereign believed; behind those castle doors was a king in tatters, lost, in pain, and wandering.

He also has no where else to go.

He was crucified and adjudged guilty by the very same people who vowed to protect him, and her, from those who aimed ruin at them.

He too was hurting, but being a man, the fault lay at his door – rightfully so – but he too was human, and he was could have been given a little empathy, if not sympathy, from those he ruled over.

But the world is deemed to judge a man at fault, the woman a victim.

And this is not to claim that it is not so.

But all this time, everyone in that kingdom were standing outside the walls of that castle, and no one knew of what was happening.

Words were said, actions were made, the very same which cannot be taken back; hearts were broken, and trust will need to be regained, if at all.

Now a kingdom lay in wait – will they ever recover from the reality of knowing that those they held at the pedestal of perfection, those words they held on for dear life, the couple who stood on that balcony beaming with true love – and a promise of forever – were just that, promises. Will everything ever become real again?

The challenge for each of those in the kingdom is to wait if they will ever believe in the promise of forever, and of true love prevailing above all else.

As I stand atop a castle wall, I am left to question the very foundation which the ground of this kingdom was founded upon.

Those who can never trust their king is free to leave – I want to believe most are willing to stay.

I claim not to know what transcribed between them, all I know is that now that they are deemed mortal, I chose more than ever to stand by my kingdom as it is ruled by a king wiser from his faults and a queen with a more forgiving heart than any of us combined. 

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Got To Believe: A Year Later #G2BFirstAnniversary

You still miss the five nights of watching two childhood friends find each other. 

You still remember the way you felt when they met again, this time as people with biases of each other. 

You still want to embrace the young man whose world was all four walls and empty closets. 

You still want to pinch her cheeks for being a bubble of happiness. 

You still hope for your own vial of magic dust. 

You still long for that moment when they will finally fall in love. 

You still remember that laughter bought on by practiced “Hello’s” before answering a call you won’t ever admit you were waiting for. 

You still are in awe of how they were able to take you back (or make you feel like you’re them) to your first brushes with love during their early stages of courtship. 

You still are pissed off by those who tried to come between them, friends and foes alike. 

You still become a puddle of goo whenever you remember how they professed their feelings for each other, despite the harshness of reality, or the reaction of those who mattered to them most. 

You still want to have time stand still when he stood up in front of his contemporaries and chose her - she who was not his equal, she was want not supposed to be there - carrying her away from the unforgiving eyes of his world. 

You still are hoping for that whimsical, magical kiss under the moonlight, or inside the magic box. 

You still think of them in each other’s arms each full moon. 

You still can shed tears at every pause, heartache, argument they ever had; your heart still breaks every time you remember how their love was the right one at the wrong time. 

You still hope that when he sees her, two years later, that he remembers; and you feel her pain when he doesn’t. 

You still hate Book 2 with a passion, but you watched nonetheless because you know the hardwork your queen and king have put into making these episodes; and because, ultimately, you know it will be a happy ending. 

You still remember the way you screamed when he did finally remember, when all visage of a rose-coloured version of the young man you loved so much disappeared and a complete version of his former self come to being once again. 

You still feel your heart skip as he tried to correct his mother’s mistakes, how he was willing to be there for her again, as always. 

You can still hear your happy tears when she finally stood up and completely fought for him, for them. No more dancing back and forth; the moment you wanted to throw a stool at your TV the moment they hugged because they were finally, officially a couple. 

You still wish for that kiss after the best proposal ever. 

And you still are wishing for a wedding to be had. 

And you still can’t believe it’s been a year since two fictional characters ruled your life from August 2013 to March 2014.

You still miss Chichay and Joaquin and everything that they were in the seven months they were alive in that small screen in your home. 

You still miss Got To Believe, because despite all the rants you had, it was able to, in spades, deliver a little speck of magic back in your life for 45 minutes five nights a week. 

Ultimately, you miss the scenes never shown after the curtain faded to black: a wedding, a kiss, family, kids. 

Christina Carlota Tampipi-Manansala. 

Mr and Mrs Joaquin San Juan Manansala.

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The Year That Was: My KathNiel Fangirl Story

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be…” ~ John Lennon

By fangirl standards, to say that that last year has been surreal would be an understatement, eclipsed only by everything Harry Potter. 

I came into this with no plans at all - everything just happened with neither my willingness nor consent. 

The universe deemed my decision to be futile —- 

I could have stayed inside my room a few minutes longer; my brother and his girlfriend could have decided to watch “Must Be Love” on a different day; they could have watched it a few hours later or earlier; but no, the universe perfectly aligned each second for it to happen precisely the way it did. 

"Mata unang nagmamahal Ivan…" 

I could have heard any other line from the film and it honestly would have not mattered, but the Powers that Be decided that this be the line I heard; and the rest is stuff made of fangirl history. 

The exact month I accidentally discovered KathNiel was the same month that supposedly a Cathy Garcia-Molina - one of the few local directors whose work I so admire - TV series would have premiered entitled, “Got To Believe” headlined by the same pair who recently captured by attention.

Molina directing them: coincidence or the universe playing tricks on me?

That initial trailer of “Got To Believe” got me hooked. Mind you, if it were the full trailer which was released at the latter part of the press junkets, I wouldn’t have watched the pilot, but that teaser trailer had a mysterious, almost fairytale-like quality in it that made me want to see more. 

It was magical, no pun intended.

The series made me love them. I have written quite a number of posts that will prove how much I was surprised by KathNiel’s acting prowess. I knew of Kath because of Goin Bulilit and Super Inggo, but DJ was a total mystery to me.

By the by, at that point, I already had this space, and for some reason KathNiel fans seem to like I was writing or doing — it boggled my mind, it still boggles my mind, actually.

I swore I’d be a SILENT FAN, very much so because of Harry Potter - I was, and still am, very active in that fandom.

Alas the universe, fate or destiny, whichever it maybe, had other plans for this fangirl.

 Twitter and my incessant need to make commentaries and reviews of “Got To Believe” somehow got the attention of some people — I have gained friends as a result of trying to make sense of what my brain was trying to piece together. 

One fine day around November last year, a co-KathNiel fan - let’s hide him by the name of Patrick Cope *wink* - asked me to join him for a supposed meeting with Star Cinema for Pagpag promo. 

Since I had nothing better to do, I accompanied him, stating very clearly that I will only accompany him and that I will not talk — lo and behold, the universe played another cruel trick: Pat had no ID with him, he couldn’t go to the SC office without one. 

So, I ended up being the only one to attend the meeting. Mind you, I was in a room full of strangers, strangers who happened to be admins of the current fan clubs for KathNiel. 

I legit wanted to run, or wanted the Earth to open under my feet and swallow me whole, whichever was first. My mind was going, "What the fuck am I doing here?" 

I decided to stay because hell I was already there. 

Whilst waiting for the meeting to start, someone from SC asked for us to sign an attendance sheet, and for us to indicate which KathNiel fanclub we were members of — I had no fanclub membership, so I decided to just say, “I have no fanclub, but I have submitted a form to become a member of KathNiel KaDreamers World..” which was true (you see, in all the YT KathNiel clips I watched their banners prominently seen, so I wanted to join and silently be a member). 

And THAT is another story meant to be included in history books. 

It was a whirlwind from that point on — that same Friday, I found myself on the set of “Got To Believe”; a little over two weeks since the SC meeting, I interviewed Kath for a KaDreamers Exclusive;  screaming with thousands of fans during the promotional junkets for Pagpag; I was on the GGV set for a KathNiel guesting; the Pagpag KaDreamers Blockscreenings… 

It was as if the fangirl gods have deemed, “WAH. ENJOY..” 

As surreal as that was, 2014 would prove itself to be much more unforgettable. 

No matter how active I am in any of the fandoms I am part of, I only have one rule: I REFUSE TO BE SEEN. 

Being invisible is very important to me, simply because of my reality. 

My work demands me to maintain a certain perception, a certain brand, and fangirling is somehow frowned upon. 

All of that just collapsed under my feet when the planning for Kathryn’s Secret started - did I have to do it, no, but I WANTED TO DO IT. 

As I fan, I wanted to be as active as possible in helping a wonderful and dedicated group of individuals mount an event fit for a queen. 

Everything leading up to the KathNiel KaDreamers World debut party for Kath was fought with hardship and fan dedication.

My decision to stay on, even with the possibility of being seen on national television, was partly because I love Kath but equal parts because of the passion I saw from them, the KaDreamers. 

They inspired me to stay where I was — they as a fanclub personified what I believed any fan should strive for: unparalleled commitment of support. 

What they were for Kath and DJ, I was the same way for Harry Potter. 

I don’t think I would have been as active in this fandom had it not for the people I met along the way; and I have met some of the most wonderful friends because the universe destined it for me to step out of my room the moment that line - “Mata unang nagmamahal Ivan…” - was to be uttered by Kath. 

The last year has been a combination of unplanned instances that led me to appreciated everything about Kath and DJ. 

The last year has been a series of uncoordinated situations I found myself in that paved the way for me to meet new sets of people who are as passionate as I am. 

The last year has been one long journey of fangirl discovery, that I am also capable to setting all rules aside because I wanted to contribute to a little of Kath and DJ’s happiness and success. 

The last year proved that second only to Leo & Kate, I have found another pair with undeniable onscreen chemistry that would just make you stare and appreciate more the craft of artistic make-believe. 

The last year was a year in my life as a KathNiel fan, and I wouldn’t change any second of it. 

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Ate AJ, why does One More Chance rate higher for you than SDTG? Thanks!

Simply because the hindrance between Basha & Popoy’s lovestory is ultimately themselves - SDTG’s conflict still hinged on external factors. 

Popoy and Basha’s story was all about them as people: insecurities, needs, wants, goals and personal vision. 

SDTG, with both Kenji & Athena and Kenneth & Kelay, were driven by situations they found their selves in.

That said, it doesn’t lessen how great the treatment was for SDTG, or how moving the characters are.

Starting Over Again also falls in the same category was SDTG - it was great story that still depended on a plot to be told, and the characters reacted to said plot device. 

Ultimately, until any film is able to tell a story where characters are the driving force of the narrative, One More Chance will remain atop my list. 

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LOVE, TIME & FOREVER: A “She’s Dating The Gangster” Review

That one line from the themesong, “… love is not a game that children play..” epitomises the entire movie.

Love. It’s not as simple as, “two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen equals water every single time.”

No two love stories are exactly the same, moreso the intricacies behind each one. “She’s Dating The Gangster” is ultimately a story of how love true challenges the foundation of which it is based on.


I would never wish upon my enemy that kind of love story Athena and Kenji had.

Not because of how it ended, but because not everyone is created to withstand the struggle and sarcifices they had to go through.

Was it a great love? Yes, but not because of their feelings alone. It is a “one great love” because as much as those romantic feelings were real, they were mature enough to look beyond what’s happening between just the two of them.

They never allowed their feelings for each other to cloud their decisions.

Their decisions were profoundly unselfish.

You’d have to what for what Kenji, in the 2014 timeline, will say as to why those decisions were worth it, even if at the time they made them it would have meant becoming emotionally bereft.


They were never in the book, so I had no expectations of them.

I really thought they will be the usual plot devices – pushing the narrative, but never becoming organic to the story.

But they glued everything together.

We discovered Kenji and Athena’s great love with them – they become us. When Kenneth quipped, “Ano bang nangyari sa kanila?” he was voicing the exact same question we were individually asking.

Kenneth and Kelay were a marvel to watch. Creating these two characters and allowing us to see the Kenji & Athena story through them chipped away the massive emotional baggage the book had.

Plus, that undeniable tension between these two characters was so palpalble I wanted to go inside the film and push their lips together for that one fairy-tale kiss.

Alas, that was something I couldn’t do.


I have said this over and over and over again, I found the book forgettable. In fact, I never became attached to Kenji and Athena as book characters. I never saw the driving force that made them fall in love in the first place, so the notion that theirs is a great love story was lost to me.

I have to give so much credit to Carmi Raymundo for giving depth to both these characters. She re-created them in such a way that the pieces missing out from the book were, effortlessly, on the big screen.

The execution of the story, how the two worlds merged together, and how effectively they were able to convey that love is more a The Script album than it is a Disney movie, was done so well I wanted to cry my eyes out – oh wait, I did.

Some films make you cry because it’s plot-driven – you have no other road to walk on. They film was leading up to that moment: the tears.

Surprisingly, “She’s Dating The Gangster” is a film where crying is a given, but the reason why you will differs from one person to the next, simply because of the way the narrative, sketches and character voices were laid out.

Like Kenneth & Kelay, the crying was organic.

You just cry because it hits you: I had my version of “Kenji”. I was once an “Athena”. I had my own “1994 Albay” moment. All those feelings you’d felt when you loved, and ultimately lost that love, will come back. And for those who have never loved before, you’d cry because you will feel the struggle these characters, whom you suddenly care so much about, are experiencing.

At one point, you’d probably imagine what it would feel like to be them – and then that’s where you’d cry the most, because as we all individually imagine how it must be to be Kenji or Athena at THAT moment, we all realise that, “FUCK, I WOULDN’T HAVE SURVIVED THAT IF I WERE HIM/HER.”

That realisation is what separates a good film from a great one: that one small line that the audience unknowingly crosses. 

That’s when characters stay with us even after the film ends – that’s the moment when, like Jack & Rose before them, or Popoy & Basha, Kenji & Athena became more real than they should be for us as audience.

That’s where the resonance of film characters begin: when you unknowingly imagine yourself as them.


I have no words but, “BRAVO.”

To Direk Cathy, you nailed it, again. You have proven once again why you are at the pedestal.

To Kath, you are brilliant. You are made for the big screen. You are born to become a superstar, and the versatility you’ve shown in this film is a delight to the senses. You are a star like no other.

To DJ, you are a living testament of what hard work & dedication would result to. You are beyond amazing in this film. You were not DJ playing Kenji, YOU WERE KENJI, period.


Lastly, either as Kenji and Athena or as Kenneth and Kelay, KathNiel is A-FUCKING-MAZING to watch.

This is their film, from beginning to end. They are individually brilliant, but together they are just [NO WORDS HAVE BEEN COINED YET TO DESCRIBE WHAT KATHNIEL IS].

They just draw you in.

No matter how much you fight it, you cannot.

So haters, brace yourselves for more years of this undeniable KathNiel magic.

If “She’s Dating The Gangster” is the barometer, they have a long way to go before that magic fades, if ever. 

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Where can you download PS CS6?

You can download it online. My suggestion is to download the portable version of PSCS6 so it won’t eat your RAM. 

You can even search for it here in Tumblr. 


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Hi can you please open your submission page? :)))) thank you xoxo

What is a submission page anyway?

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What can you say to fans who are vehemently against Kathniel venturing beyond each other in terms of personal achievements?


That’s a very sensitive subject, I’d rather reserve my opinions since I don’t want to be in the middle of it. 

At the end of the day, it’s their right to react like that, so long as it doesn’t affect Kath or DJ. 

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What kind of story do you want Kathniel to try and challenge?

I want them to be given character-driven stories. 

The problem with our stories in general is that they’re plot-driven - we only allow our characters to react to these stimulus; in times, or most of the times, there is little to no character development. 

I would like for a KathNiel project to focus on innate and very personal problems, that the hindrance to their romance isn’t a situation, social class or family issues; I would love to see them play characters who are haunted with their ghosts and demons, and there’s a want to overcome these as individuals.

It would be nice to see them play characters who are strong-willed, on equal footing but flawed and with faults. No more of this princess syndrome or Mary Sue tropes. 


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